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Building Automation Controls Estimating Tool


Finally an estimate tool that is web based and fast to allow the flexibility required in our industry.

BAC Estimating Software

Controls Estimating Software provides a very simply fast web based solution to create temperature control estimates using live pricing from manufacturers with customizable systems. Estimate templates and saved systems save valuable time and money avoiding repeat work while maintaining company standards. Editable cost codes, labor rates and margins are just a few of the fields that allow for a fully flexible tool for every user. Create an estimate and order part or all of it from manufacturers with the click of a button. The system will show what has been ordered in green and what is left in red to avoid missing parts. The valve schedule tool is available with the Estimate Tool and allows the user to select and price valves specific to their project. Technical documents, catalogue pages and images are available during product look up to verify correct parts are being selected.

Key Features

  • Complete tie in with eStore Module (see eStore Data Sheet for more information)
  • Standard systems provided with ability to customize or create you own
  • Create and save Estimate Templates for specific types of projects or engineers
  • Add your own products to your company list
  • Multiple manufacturer’s products preloaded with live pricing, data sheets and images
  • Choose parts you would like to order and send orders directly
  • System shows which parts are yet to be released by color coding
  • Tied into Bid Module to allow quoting directly from system while tracking and auto follow features
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